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Using 25+ years in tech to help people and teams make outstanding software products together. Co-author of Continuous Coordination. Founder + CEO of Steady.

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Steady is an async coordination platform for software teams.

Steady runs in the background, distilling plans & progress from tools, teams, and people into tailored summaries that give everyone the clarity they need to make outstanding products together.

We designed Steady to solve for distraction-laden modern work environments, where knowledge is scattered across tools, and people work across a variety of places and schedules.

Steady implements Continuous Coordination, a proven, open-source set of principles for modern knowledge work.

I founded Steady in 2022 and serve as the CEO.

Continuous Coordination

The pandemic profoundly changed how, where, and when people communicate and work together to build things. But we're stuck in a 2010s rut, using outdated colloboration processes, and it's hurting our ability as product people to innovate and scale. We need a fresh approach.

I got together with other tech leaders to develop a modern way to collaborate that's simple to understand, easy to apply alongside existing systems, and proven to align people and teams. We call it Continuous Coordination.

Continuous Coordination uses structured asynchronous communication loops alongside a set of familiar collaboration principles to give everyone in a digital product or service organization precisely the shared context they need, when they need it, to stay productive, aligned, and engaged.

Continuous Coordination is an open-source project and community.

About me

I've been building digital products and leading software teams for almost three decades. My experience includes engineering and product leadership roles in all sorts of organizations, from bootstrapped businesses and venture-backed startups to publicly traded companies. (Follow me on LinkedIn for the particulars.)

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work, fail, and succeed with world-class creatives, engineers, marketers, and execs. I deeply understand what it takes to efficiently align people behind inventing, developing, scaling, and cultivating exceptional software products.

Today, I'm harvesting this experience to build and grow Steady, a simple approach to asynchronously coordinating work for software product orgs. Steady implements an open-source set of principles for modern knowledge work called Continuous Coordination, which I helped to create with my colleagues at Steady and other tech leaders.